Windows shortcuts

CPL system shortcuts

CPL system shortcuts
access.cplAccessibility controls
appwiz.cplAdd/remove programs
desk.cplScreen settings
hdwwiz.cplAdd/remove hardware
inetcpl.cplInternet Explorer settings
intl.cplRegional and international settings
joy.cplGaming settings
main.cplMouse settings
main.cpl,@1Keyboard settings
mmsys.cplSound settings
ncpa.cplNetwork Connections
nusrmgr.cplUser management
powercfg.cplPower management
sysdm.cplSystem Settings
telephon.cplPhone and modem settings
timedate.cplTime and Date settings
CPL system shortcuts

MSC system shortcuts
ciadv.mscIndexing service
compmgmt.mscComputer Management
devmgmt.mscDevice Management
dfrg.mscDisk Defragtmentation Management
diskmgmt.mscDisk Management
gpedit.mscGroup Policy Management
services.mscWindows Services Management
eventvwr.mscEvent Viewer
MSC system shortcuts

Other shortcuts
msinfo32System Information
msconfigSystem Configuration utility
dxdiagDirectX diagnostics
psr.exeProblem Steps Recorder
Other shortcuts

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