Useful logfiles in Windows

The following tables contains a list of useful log file paths on a Windows client.

Application or servicePathDescription
Internet Explorer 7%windir%\ie7.log
Only applicable to IE7. Deprecated.
Internet Explorer 8%windir%\ie8.log
Only applicable to IE8. Deprecated.
Internet Explorer 9%windir%\ie9_main.logOnly applicable to IE9. Deprecated.
Windows Update Log%windir%\WindowsUpdate.logOnly applicable to Windows versions up to and including 8.1. Deprecated.
SFC-log / CBS-log%windir%\logs\cbs\cbs.log
Service Pack logC:\svcpack.log
msinfo32msinfo32 /report %userprofile%\desktop\msinfo32.txtExports the results from msinfo32 to a file and places it on the desktop of the current user.